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Featured (warning - VERY LOUD!) clip: Minnie Pearl 100th Birthday Celebration - Tribute to Minnie Pearl - Howdee! (see Demo Reel page for more clips)

So many businesses and professionals could really benefit from having video information on their website that actually helps their clients. Whether it’s showcasing a product, explaining a process, or just telling a story in a visual way, content is truly the way to build your web audience. Our goal is to make you look professional while providing your audience with great information on your business - whether it’s a one-man interview, or a live conference event - no project is too small, or too scalable.

The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation is an organization close to my heart, as well as a great client. Minnie Pearl (AKA Sarah Cannon) was a beloved figure in the Grand Ole Opry and in Nashville, and this collection of clips were recorded over the entire year of 2011-2012 leading up to Minnie’s 100th birthday celebration. BVM shot and edited the media for the celebration, held at the Grand Ole Opry and attended by a who’s who of country music.

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