bill vincent

media maker.

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Video PRoduction/filmmaking I have been making video for a very long time now. Storytelling is something that always challenges me, and always makes me want to do my best. It's a lifelong study, and like medicine, you really just practice filmmaking - you don't ever master it fully.
music Music was the first creative love of my life. I began singing and playing piano at the age of six, and have been playing ever since. While music is no longer my career choice, I have had some incredible experiences, met incredible people, and have since paid it forward by teaching piano at W.O. Smith School in Nashville on a volunteer basis. As Stevie Wonder so elequently said, "Music was, and is, and always will be one of the things that life just won't quit". Rock on, Stevie.
Photography Right along with filmmaking is image making. In fact, the two go hand in hand. Taking a photograph at just the right moment is a beautiful synthesis of time and space that only happens once - right when you click that shutter.