bill vincent

media maker.


My life... so far...

vital stats

Born: July 30th.

Age: Old enough to know better.

Furthest place I’ve ever been: Perth, Australia

Favorite Vegetable: Spinach

Interests: Media in all its forms. Music. Technology for technology’s sake. Books. Mythology. Storytelling. Cinematography. Photography. Color. Light. Sound.


Where you'll find me most of the time: Either behind a camera, in the studio, or spending time with family.

My father is an accountant. My mother is a musician. I'm a unique combination of technical stuff combined with creative artistry. That pretty much sums it up! I love working with technology of all kinds, but my goal is always to use that technology to create and communicate.


I'm passionate about artistic expression, whether it's through painting, music, dance, photography, sculpture, anything that captures the human condition. Art helps us realize that

we are alive. I want to contribute to that with the time I've got on this earth. I have many interests but they all seem to circle back to artistic expression of one type or another. That, and reading. I love to read. Non-fiction, mainly. The books I read all tend to help me in improving my craft or myself in one way or another. I don't read to escape as much as to learn more about how to be better at the things I love doing.


My biggest passion is storytelling. I love to take raw elements of all kinds and put them together to tell a great story. All of my past experience in music, media and writing all coalesce in the story. It's the ultimate challenge, and one I constantly work to improve on.

Who Am I? Wow, deep question. But for professional purposes, I am a media lifer with deep experience in many aspects of media production, post production, and media project management. This includes film direction, editing, cinematography, photography, music production/scoring, voiceover work, and more. Titles I have Held: Sr. Multimedia Specialist Mobile Content Producer Video Production Professor Filmmaker/Videographer Voiceover Talent Sound Designer Music Producer/Composer Recording Engineer Mailroom Guy Letterman Scholarship Winner Touring Performer Roller Disco DJ Pianist/Accompanist Things I hope to Achieve: I hope to offer my work and my studio's resources to potential clients, employers, and others who are interested in a one-stop resource for professional media. My experience and media studio allows me to offer complete media services with remote capability to any office or cloud-based project. I would like to use my resources to create and enhance film, television and web media, providing my clients or employer with a "Swiss army knife" of services to benefit them, with specific competencies in small to large media project management, video editing, audio mixing and sound design, and music production/creation. My personal goal in life is to hopefully leave my corner of the world a better place than I found it. What I can bring to the party: Over the years I have assembled a home-based/remote media studio that is capable of video editing, music scoring/production, Dolby ATMOS and Dolby Digital audio mixing, and a multicam setup for live or recorded teaching/learning/demos/presentations. Over the past few years I have also supplied my voice for countless marketing and product demo videos. Succinctly said, I can shoot and edit your project, provide custom sound design and music, add voiceover, mix audio in a precisely calibrated room to network specs, and add custom graphics/animation - and then deliver your project in the cloud to any client or social media outlet.

"It was 1980-something", and even before that I began my media career as a DJ in an under-21 disco @14. My shirt said "Pup". Pretty sure it's Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall" on the left turntable there!